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Unfulfilled Desires

Brian Becker • October 2, 2022

When we are under pressure, we often look to coping mechanisms to ease our pain, gain control over our circumstances, or find temporary relief in our anxiety. Sadly, many of the ways we try to relieve the pressure often just make things worse. They cannot bring us the relief, comfort and peace that we are hoping for. When we trust God and do what He asks us to do, the Spirit gives us what we need to not only cope, but overcome the pressures we are feeling.
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Featured Message
Good News That God Is Near
Christmas Eve

Brian Becker • December 24, 2021

Christmas is a reminder to us that in even the darkest of times, the reality of Jesus is GOOD News that Brings GREAT JOY. After the year(s) we’ve had, be it personally or globally it seems we have been receiving a slew of bad news. Sometimes we need to be reminded of the Good News that Jesus brings.