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We LOVE gathering on Sunday mornings, and hope to be able to gather together again soon. But the church is so much more than a once-a-week large gathering - particularly now when our ability to meet is so limited. The church is people helping people to know, love, and follow Jesus. Our goal is to gather and grow together.

Everyone needs a group to grow.

Home/Online Communities are a space to:

Each gathering offers you the opportunity to engage in meaningful, honest discussion, the sharing of scripture, and prayer.

Home Communities gather three seasons a year for a set number of weeks each season.

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Unmasking Monsters

Relationships are hard. Be it with spouses, parents, kids, colleagues, or the car that just cut you off, relationships would be a lot easier if they did not involve people. Scripture lays out for us multiple things we can do in order to make scary relationships less frightening. Join with hundreds of other people on a journey of Unmasking Monsters: Revealing What Plagues Our Relationships. What we might find is that the monster is not out there, but in us.


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