Accepting Invitations

I'm planning a birthday party for my two daughters right now. One is turning 6, the other 4. I'm ordering things on Amazon daily (it seems!). I'm Pinterest-ing ideas for kitty-shaped snacks and balloon arches. My husband has been cleaning up the backyard and I've been mopping the floors all in preparation for this party we're going to have. The girls can't wait. They can see the home being prepared for their friends and family to gather all together. They see the bubble wands outside and the temporary tattoos being cut out. We all know it's coming and we are all very excited as we wait in anticipation!

But do you know what this party would be nothing without? An invitation. If I don't invite anyone to this party, there is no party. Without an invitation, the bubble wands go unused and the decorations unnoticed. Thinking about it this way, the invitation is the most important part.

I don't want to miss this opportunity to recognize the most important invitation I've ever received. An invitation from Jesus to step into something beautiful: a personal relationship with him. This invitation is for you, too. Jesus lived a perfect life that was blameless. One that gives us an example of how we should live our lives today. He paid the price of giving his own life so that we may be invited into a personal relationship with God. He paved the way, he built the bridge, he paid the price. All we have to do is accept the invitation.

While we're on the topic of invitations, I also don't want to miss the opportunity to invite you into something special here at WCC. If you are a woman, a space has been prepared for you in Women's Community. The room is set, the chairs are ready, the lights are on. The space is ready and I want to invite you into Women's Community. Our spring session begins next week and it's never too late to join! We'll be meeting for the 5 weeks of May as we study the book of James together. You can find more information and register at

In Christ,
Mary Ferrer
Pastor of Women's Community