Reflection from the winter Rooted session

This last week we just finished our Winter Session of Rooted. As we joined together on a Sunday evening with several small groups to celebrate 10 weeks of God working and moving I was again reminded of the power of community. I was reminded that God so often speaks to us through others, I was reminded that one of the ways God reminds us we are not alone is by placing people around us who will carry our burdens. I was reminded that our life of faith is SO much richer and beautiful when we share the ups and downs with other people. I was reminded of the power of our stories and how God uses them to grow us and others. I was reminded that when we take steps of faith and try something new - God so often meets us with care and grace.

The Rooted Celebration was such a beautiful time. It reminded me how grateful I am that we have spaces here at WCC that our whole Community Life team and leaders help create for us all to have spaces where we can know Jesus more relationally, love him more deeply, and follow in his ways. If you are not yet in community here at Willamette I would love to invite you in to take that step! I'd love for you to experience the joy of Jesus found in community with other people - so I'd love to invite you to be a part of our Spring Rooted Session.

If you are interested in taking the step of joining community life here at Willamette - sign up! If you have questions about what it all looks like - we would love to meet you and connect!