Good Things Are Happening in Student Ministry!

Black Lake Middle School camp has been a catalyst over the years for relationships with friends, leaders, and Jesus. Listen to Leif, a senior at West Linn High School, share about his experience as a camper and now leader at Black Lake:

"The biggest impact for me going to Black Lake was being surrounded by God. Whether it be the amazing worship sessions, the Scripture we looked into, or even just the small talks I'd have with the kids I lead, watching all that happen really helped me with my walk with Jesus and my faith. The most significant memory I have of when I was a middle school camper was my summer going into eighth grade. One of the nights was endearingly called "cry night," which was one of the evenings at camp typically when students get emotional and tend to feel the strongest connection with their faith and with God. When I first heard about this from others who had been to camp, I was skeptical about it, but one of the evenings, it hit me really hard and it ended up being the most open I had ever been with a leader. Having a safe, loving leader with me helped to open my doors to God and actually let Jesus begin to change my life."

Leif Severson
High School Senior & Middle School Leader

If you have a middle schooler interested in attending Black Lake this Summer, registration is open! If you have any questions about camp, please don't hesitate to reach out to our middle school pastor, Zach Steele, at [email protected]