Wholeness and restoration for those who’ve experienced trauma and abuse.

We Take Healing to a Whole Different Level

Mending the Soul creates relational trauma care models that are holistically and sustainably designed on four levels of expertise to empower a visible difference:

  1. Psychologically Informed – Our resources and training are backed by experienced psychologists.
  2. Culturally Relevant – Our models are designed to help all – from the at-risk to the affluent, and in a church or secular environment. They also work across ethnic and social boundaries.
  3. Research-Driven – Our trauma care models are both academically informed and rigorously tested.
  4. Theologically Sound – We use scriptural trust to break down the lie and bondage created by abuse in order to set people free.

Mending the Soul for women will launch again this January 2020. Meeting days and time to be determined.

Though Mending the Soul for men won’t be launching until early 2020, you are still encouraged to fill out the intake form now.


For questions please email our Care Pastor, Cliff Reynolds