We believe churches should strive to meet individual needs through relationships with others in community.

When additional care is required, Willamette Cares addresses unique life circumstances in multiple ways.

Care Requests

Willamette Cares and its amazing community would love to come alongside you in prayer. We have a dedicated team of volunteers who care about you and confidentially pray over your requests.

Willamette Cares offers support in a variety of ways, including hospital and hospice visits, wedding support, funeral and memorial support, physical home needs support, rides to church, and more.

Ongoing Support

We partner with several groups that provide ongoing support parenting challenges, abuse recovery, and sexual addictions.

Parent Support Group: Get to know other parents who understand the challenges of raising children who experience mental illness. Be encouraged in ways to enhance your spiritual wellbeing while raising and/or dealing with young & adult children with mental health challenges.

Abuse Recovery Ministry & Services (ARMS) is a faith-based organization that exists to serve those who have experienced domestic abuse. ARMS has a number of healing programs developed for women, men, and families.

For Men Only (FMO) is a group for men struggling with sexual purity issues. More than a sharing or support group, FMO groups are interactive communities facilitated by trained group coordinators. You won’t learn to “try harder,” but instead, live differently.

Betrayal & Beyond is built for women who have been affected by men’s sexual addiction.

HEART exists to provide a place for people to experience forgiveness and healing from past abortions. HEART is a biblically-based recovery group for women who have been affected by an abortion decision. Women, together in community on their journey of healing, are comforted by each other and can come to know the healing, grace, and forgiveness Christ offers.

Transparent Love provides group and individual therapy for women struggling with unwanted sexual thoughts and behaviors. Many people struggling with sexual addiction do not know how to attach in a healthy ways, they are lacking skills necessary to do this. Transparent love helps you recognize the needs driving your unwanted behaviors, provides you with skills and insight to meet these needs in a healthy way.

Serve in Willamette Cares

Interested in helping provide support? Visit our Serve page to learn more about the ways your gifts can make a difference in the lives of others at Willamette!

Questions beyond the scope of what you see here?
Please email our Care Pastor, Cliff Reynolds.