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In light of our current gathering limitations, we will be postponing our James study until a future date, but we will still be connecting during this season. Stay tuned for our new approach to Women’s Community this spring!

Africa New Life Sewing Program

Africa New Life’s Sewing Program prepares women with a marketable skill, giving them the ability to provide reliable income for their families. A scholarship of $150/month, for a total of $1800 for each student, provides training, spiritual nurturing, and daycare. Join us as we support and pray for these hard-working ladies!


Uwimana Zoad

Uwimana Zoad is 20 years old and single, with no children. She is the oldest of four children, raised by her mother. Her mother struggled to work because she is disabled. Uwimana dropped out of school in Secondary 3 (ninth grade) because her family could not afford the school fees. After leaving school, Uwimana began looking for small jobs to care for her siblings and her mother. She feels her efforts are in vain because she can only earn a small amount of money, not what her family actually needs. Her goal through the Vocational Sewing Program is to learn to sew and become an international designer.

Justine Iragena

Justine Iragena is 33 years old and married with five children. She grew up with six siblings and both parents. She was able to complete secondary school but could not continue to university due to the cost. After graduating, she got married. Today she lives with her husband and children. They struggle to find food because neither she or her husband have steady jobs. Her goal is to find a job, and strengthen her family.

Hillary’s Story

Josiane Niragire


Dative Mishyimimana


Grace Murekatete


Annet Mukandayisenga


Kezia Niyomukiza


Marie Claire Mukamfizi

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About Women’s Community at Willamette

Women’s Community at Willamette is a great place to begin building relationships with other women who want to know Jesus better, and to find practical, biblical direction for our daily lives. Join us as we learn to engage with and follow Jesus together.