Fiscal Year End 2024

Dear WCC,

Every June, our team prayerfully finalizes plans for the next ministry year. July marks the beginning of a new fiscal year, and we have been in that very process over the past few weeks.

I want to express our profound gratitude for your display of radical generosity. As Paul says in 2 Corinthians, we don’t give out of obligation or in an effort to curry God’s favor, but we give out of joy and freedom. We are recipients of grace. Freely we have been given, so freely we get to express generosity.

All of the ministry directed by WCC to our city, community, and the broader global efforts are funded by your generosity. In this way, you reflect the love of Christ to the world around us.

Our mission is simple—we exist to help others know, love, and follow Jesus. You help make that possible, not just through the giving of your resources, but by the sacrifices you make with your time and the investment of your talents. You make the world a more whole place.

Jesus taught us, “where your treasure is, there your heart will be also” (Matthew 6:20-21). Jesus invites us to be reflective. See where your time, talents, and treasures are invested, and you will see what holds your heart. Jesus knows that money can have a particular sway over our hearts—whether we have it or not. When He invites us to give sacrificially, He is really inviting us to freedom—a freedom from the power money can have over us. In doing so, we place our treasures in heaven, where “moths or rust cannot destroy, where thieves cannot break in and steal.” In other words, you're making an investment in the eternal Kingdom of God.

In this next ministry year, we hope to expand the ways in which we serve locally and with our global partners. Many of you give regularly, faithfully, and sacrificially both online and in person, and we wouldn’t be able to expand the work without you! You are making a significant difference.

Grace and Peace, 

Alex Lessler
Lead Pastor