A wonderful reminder from Brandy Knutson

Can you recall the last time you had an opportunity to watch the night sky, unobstructed by city lights? Somewhere far away from the hum of traffic, where you hear a symphony of frogs, crickets, or rain... maybe the sound of water as it laps against the shore or rushes through the trees?

I grew up camping, out in the wild was where I felt most at home, most at peace. As an adult I am grateful for every opportunity that I get to go back to that feeling. Recently our family had the opportunity to head into the mountains, far away from any city and reset in the quiet hum of the wind rustling the trees. At night, I would just stare at the stars. They felt closer than ever and were so bright against the night sky.

Sitting there I was reminded of just how big God is, and also how close He is at the same time. Consider this: despite the expanse of the universe and even the unexplored depths of the oceans, our planet was carefully crafted to sustain human life. And moreso, each life was carefully and expertly crafted by the loving hands of a gracious father. As my husband, Daniel says often, "One who cares about us, even when we don't care about Him yet."

As we look around outside, especially in the PNW, we can see the many reminders of God's hands and careful creation. A painted sky, a backyard garden, dormant trees that come back to life in the Spring, forests, rivers, lakes teaming with wildlife... so many opportunities to see God's craftsmanship and care.

Psalm 33:6-10 (NLT) says, "The Lord merely spoke, and the heavens were created. He breathed the word, and all the stars were born. He assigned the sea its boundaries and locked the oceans in vast reservoirs. Let the whole world fear the Lord, and let everyone stand in awe of him. For when he spoke, the world began! It appeared at his command."

Going into this weekend, I want to encourage you to take a few moments everyday to stop and recognize the different ways that God has intersected with your life through His Creation. I also want to encourage you to show that same kindness, care, and love with others who may not care about Him yet. Through your kindness, may they see God in you.

Romans 8:39 (NIV) "...neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord."

Brandy Knutson
Communications Coordinator | Hope City Church