Global Initiatives

Africa New Life

Africa New Life serves vulnerable children and their families, and supporting Christ-centered leadership in Rwanda. Their ministries include child sponsorship (meeting basic needs and providing education), church planting, the Africa College of Theology, a medical center, and community development programs.

Our Willamette and Hope City campuses participate in child sponsorship. Learn more about those efforts below.

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At Africa New Life, we believe that access to education is the key to helping children break out of poverty. For that reason, educational sponsorship is the heart of our ministry. Today, more than 10,000 students are sponsored across Rwanda. Africa New Life has two top-priority goals for each student we work with: to help them complete high school or a vocational equivalent and to bring them into a loving relationship with and knowledge of Christ.

Sponsorship commitments help families by assisting them with school fees, which allows them to pay for other expenses. Sponsored students receive a school uniform and scholastic materials. They are encouraged to attend monthly Center Days, where they enjoy a meal, play games, and hear about Christ, as well as an annual Christian camp. Sponsorship additionally covers basic medical needs that fall outside of government-sponsored insurance, so sponsored students have a greater access to health care.

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Other Ways To Support Your Sponsor Child

  • Order a Gift – You have the opportunity to give high priority items to your sponsored student and their family through the ANLM Online Store.
  • Write a Letter – Write a letter of encouragement and prayer for your sponsored student.

Compassion International

Compassion International works with thousands of local churches around the world, and each church partner tailors their holistic child development model to the contextualized needs of the children in its community, to best deliver the whole-life care the children need.

They work primarily through child sponsorship, but also have specific initiatives to help babies and mothers, to develop future leaders, and to meet critical needs.

Our Beaverton campus participates in child sponsorship specifically within Cochabamba, Bolivia. Learn more about these efforts below.

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Through monthly financial support, prayer and letter writing, sponsors invest directly in the lives of children living in extreme poverty.

The children attend church-based child development centers where they receive life-changing opportunities that would otherwise be out of their reach, and which build on, add to and extend their school lessons.

We dedicate a couple Sundays during our fall services to child sponsorship in Cochabamba, and are currently working with Compassion to provide you a direct link to sponsor kids from the region.

Global Partners

Willamette Christian Church supports both long-term work in other countries as well as those who wish to make a difference in the lives of others on a short-term basis. Below are the families we’re currently supporting.

Takeshi & Donna Aida

Iruma City, Saitama prefecture, Japan • Sayama Church of Christ

Takeshi is the pastor of the Sayama Church of Christ, located about a one hour train ride from downtown Tokyo. Together with his wife Donna, have served the Sayama Church of Christ since 2000 after an internship at BCC and WCC. Their congregation is active in living out a Christ-filled presence in the community. Japan remains to be one of the least reached countries for Christ in Asia.


Lee & Cheryl Albaugh

Zambia & Central Africa • Nesteam International

Lee and Cheryl Albaugh have served in northern Zambia since the 1970’s. Their work began in church planting and discipleship, transitioning into partnership ministries. Two training centers were founded, providing ministry training, life skills for at-risk people, and health services. These centers serve national churches throughout Zambia and central Africa with our vision to see life change spiritually and physically.

Learn More About Nesteam

Matthew & Chelsea Connor

Maluku, Indonesia • Wycliffe Bible Translators

Matthew and Chelsea work in Maluku, Indonesia, with Wycliff Translators. They are focused on helping start translation programs in languages that have no Bible translation and teach local churches how to use translated materials. They also work to create Scripture songs in the local language and style.

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Daynise Holloway

Tsuyama City, Japan

Daynise ministered to widows in rural Japan, providing hope, encouragement, and biblical instruction. Our financial support is now focused on providing end of life care for her following a faithful life of service.

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Jeff & Sarah Jackson

The Caucasus • ILAD

We and our partners work to develop small business and entrepreneurship skills among under-served and low-resourced populations in the Caucasus. Education, economic empowerment, and long-term relationships are critical pieces of life transformation in this context.


Larry and Ginny Niemeyer

Nairobi, Kenya • Harvest Heralds

Larry and Ginny serve in Nairobi, Kenya, where Larry continues with Harvest21 – enabling local churches to engage in discipleship mobilization and community service. Ginny continues working with Youth for Christ, supporting Kenyan staff, serving on the board, and counseling crisis pregnancy and hurting people.

Learn More About Harvest Heralds

Dwayne and Helen Rainwater

West Africa • Pioneer Bible Translators

Dwayne and Helen are working with local friends to translate the Bible and other materials into the language of one of the larger unreached people groups in West Africa as part of Pioneer Bible Translators.

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John & Sonya Rygh

Portland, OR • CRU

John & Sonya have worked with Cru for over 25 years and have five children. Their passion is to help start new spiritual movements on campuses around the world so everyone knows someone who truly follows Jesus.

Sonya is a Team Leader for the Portland Metro team and is giving leadership to over 20 campuses in the Metro area. She is also part of helping to resource high school students and ministries. She dreams of the day when all 268,000 students in the metro area have had the opportunity to hear the good news that brings life.

John gives national leadership to Cru’s internship program. The internship program is a one year full-time job with Cru where the intern is embedded on a local team. During that year they are exposed to hands on opportunities in personal evangelism and discipleship, leading small groups, launching ministries and an international missions experience giving them a chance to explore if God is calling them to full time ministry. With over 300 Cru interns across the country, this is an exciting opportunity to mobilize the next generation of leaders in the body of Christ.


West Africa Project

Our West Africa Project partners are literacy and development consultants who have been engaged with local leaders for over 20 years. Their goal is to give enduring access to Life-changing Literature in the mother-tongue of that West African community. They have been involved in translation and literature production in the local language and are partnering to create avenues of distribution to the wider community through the start-up of small public libraries.

For safety reasons, these partners are unable to have their names and sending agency listed.

Library GN 20160808

Brendon and Naomi Yoder

Papua, Indonesia • Wycliffe Bible Translators

Brendon and Naomi Yoder, with their children Luke, Silas, and Analeigh, serve in Papua, Indonesia. They are helping translate the Bible into the Abawiri language. Additionally, Brendon is finishing up a PhD in linguistics so that he can assist other Bible translation projects throughout Indonesia.

Brendon’s trip to Indonesia in summer 2016 was a big success! He worked with the Abawiri community to design an alphabet, so now for the first time ever the language can be written down. The trip made the Yoders more eager to move back there again full-time.

Here is a short 4-minute video about the Abawiri workshop so that you can see the amazing doors that are opened through having an alphabet.

Enjoy the video here!

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