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Great Compassion

May 30, 2021 • Marty Miranda

Tune in as Marty Miranda from our Beaverton campus leads the conversation on what great compassion looks like in our day-to-day lives.
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Sermon Notes - May 30, 2021
Great Compassion (James 2:1-13) - Marty Miranda

It’s our job to choose compassion and mercy, not to be the judge and jury.

Never Judge a Book by its cover.

“Invest in the human soul. Who knows, it might be a diamond in the rough.”- Mary McLeod Bethune

James 2:1-2
My brothers and sisters, believers in our glorious Lord Jesus Christ must not show favoritism. Suppose a man comes into your meeting wearing a gold ring and fine clothes, and a poor man in filthy old clothes also comes in.

James 2:3-4
If you show special attention to the man wearing fine clothes and say, “Here’s a good seat for you,” but say to the poor man, “You stand there” or “Sit on the floor by my feet,” have you not discriminated among yourselves and become judges with evil thoughts?

James 2:4
… have you not discriminated among yourselves and become judges with evil thoughts?

Our Judgement is often wrong.

James 2:5-7
Listen to me, dear brothers and sisters. Hasn’t God chosen the poor in this world to be rich in faith? Aren’t they the ones who will inherit the Kingdom he promised to those who love him? But you dishonor the poor! Isn’t it the rich who oppress you and drag you into court? Aren’t they the ones who slander Jesus Christ, whose noble name you bear?

Judgment moves us away from compassion.

“Compassion can never coexist with judgment because judgment creates the distance, the distinction, which prevents us from really being with the other.” - Henri Nouwen

To be compassionate is to love your neighbor as yourself.

James 2:8
If you really keep the royal law found in Scripture, “Love your neighbor as yourself,” you are doing right.

James 2:9
“But if you favor some people over others, you are committing a sin. You are guilty of breaking the law.”

James 2:12
Speak and act as those who are going to be judged by the law that gives freedom, because judgment without mercy will be shown to anyone who has not been merciful.

James 2:12-13 (MSG)
Talk and act like a person expecting to be judged by the Rule that sets us free. For if you refuse to act kindly, you can hardly expect to be treated kindly. Kind mercy wins over harsh judgment every time.

God’s judgment is without mercy to anyone who has not been merciful.

James 2:13
“Mercy triumphs over judgment.”

Matthew 5:7
“God blesses those who are merciful, for they will be shown mercy.”

Application Points:

  • Ask yourself, “Where have I been guilty of breaking the Royal Law?”
  • Put the gavel down to make room for compassion to grow
  • Take one step closer toward the people you judge.