Parent Lab 2022


Jeff & Tara Mattson

Breakout Sessions

Healthy Marriage while Parenting

Paul & Shannon Elmore

Paul, a licensed marriage and family therapist, and his wife, Shannon, together teach the six fundamental skills to master for every marriage and how modeling these skills in front of your kids will help them become healthy, responsible adults.


Parenting Middle and High Schoolers

Jeff & Terra Mattson

Terra is a licensed marriage and family therapist, and Jeff is a leadership and organizational coach. In this breakout session you'll gain tools, help navigate difficult topics, and be encouraged as you walk the teen years with your child.

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Parenting Elementary Age and Younger

Kristin Valerius

Kristin is a clinical psychologist and expert in walking families through challenging topics, and in this breakout sessions she focuses on helping you guide your children through the critical early years.