From Our Elders & Leadership

Included in this annual report are just a few snapshots of ministry moments across our church. There are literally hundreds of examples of life change and transformation — in and through our church because of the work of Jesus. Each local campus is a church that seeks to serve its community well, to grow as disciples, and to respond to the call of God. Individually, each campus has a story all its own and together, by God’s grace, He is making a significant impact through us in our communities. We pray that you are encouraged and reminded of the incredible goodness of our God.

Thank you for your sacrifices of finances, time, and talents to be a part of this incredible church family. Thank you for being a blessing to your neighbors locally, nationally, and globally. Thank you for investing your time, talent, and treasure into the ministry of our church. We celebrate incredible stories of impact with you.

We are humbled and grateful to serve with you, and we want you to know we pray continuously for you. We anticipate even more of God’s goodness in the months and years to come.

Elder Board (as of January 1, 2024)

Mike Grubb, Kevin Marple, Rich Miller, Joe Villa, Sheri Philips, Ron Gullberg, and Cheri Davidson

Lead Executive

Chris Yarco