Deepen your understanding and love for Jesus.

You shouldn’t have to be a pastor in seminary to learn the foundations of our faith. Learning to love Jesus more is for everybody! In our Spring Study I Believe our goal is to teach clear, easy-to-grasp truths about God that will strengthen the foundations of our faith…

We promise this is not going to be weird or like school. The truth is we’re all learning. We’ll worship together, listen to a live teacher, then circle up to discuss in safe conversation groups.

Let’s grow together, it’s simple:

  • Register in faith.
  • Attend with humility and expectancy.
  • Experience deeper love for Jesus through a deeper understanding of the essentials of our faith.

Six Weeks of Growth

Beginning April 3 & 5 

Special Celebration on Friday, May 11

Tuesday mornings 10:00 – 11:30am
Tuesday nights 7:00 – 8:30pm
Thursday mornings 10:00 – 11:30am*


*Offsite meeting in West Linn with limited capacity & no childcare.

Important Notes on Child Care

  • Our number one goal is to ensure a safe environment for your child
  • We are only able to receive pre-registered children into childcare
  • We cannot accept walk-in childcare and unexpected guests
  • We are not able to promise childcare to anyone who registers after the deadline

Registrations received after March 27 are not guaranteed a group placement or childcare on the first week of study. If you have any questions, please call the church office at 503-656-2328. For questions regarding childcare, please email childcare@willamette.cc.

Africa New Life Sewing Program

Africa New Life’s Sewing Program prepares women with a marketable skill, giving them the ability to provide reliable income for their families. A scholarship of $150/month, for a total of $1800 for each student, provides training, spiritual nurturing, and daycare. Join us as we support and pray for these hard working ladies!


Dative Mishyimimana

Dative is 26 years old and unmarried. She attended school into fifth grade, and later dropped out because her family could not afford to pay the exam fees. Her father passed away two years ago, leaving behind Dative and her three siblings. Dative now works as a maid, attends church, and lives with a friend while taking the program, but her employer does not support her in the class and threatens to fire her. She hopes to find a better job after graduation to support her siblings.

Annet Mukandayisenga


Kezia Niyomukiza


Marie Claire Mukamfizi

A pathway to strengthen your connection with God, the church, and your purpose.

About Women’s Community at Willamette

Women’s Community at Willamette is a great place to begin building relationships with other women who want to know Jesus better, and to find practical, biblical direction for our daily lives. Join us as we learn to engage with and follow Jesus together.