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Spring session is over but we encourage you to keep deepening relationships with God & others in community. If you’re looking to learn more about the foundations of our faith check out the resources below. Stay tuned for summer and fall 2018 info!

The Bible Project: Visual Story Telling Meets the Bible, thebibleproject.com
Biblical Training: A non-profit ministry that provides life-changing biblical training from top biblical scholars for the world, for free, biblicaltraining.org

I Believe: A Study of the Nicene Creed, a study guide available at ifgathering.com
Exploring Christian Theology Vol. 1: Revelation, Scripture, and the Triune God, Nathan D. Holsteen & Michael J. Svigel
Exploring Christian Theology Vol. 2: Creation, Fall, and Salvation, Nathan D. Holsteen & Michael J. Svigel
Exploring Christian Theology: The Church, Spiritual Growth, and The End Times, Nathan D. Holsteen & Michael J. Svigel
Skeletons in God’s Closet: The Mercy of Hell, the Surprise of Judgement, the Hope of Holy War, Joshua Ryan Butler

Africa New Life Sewing Program

Africa New Life’s Sewing Program prepares women with a marketable skill, giving them the ability to provide reliable income for their families. A scholarship of $150/month, for a total of $1800 for each student, provides training, spiritual nurturing, and daycare. Join us as we support and pray for these hard working ladies!


Dative Mishyimimana

Dative is 26 years old and unmarried. She attended school into fifth grade, and later dropped out because her family could not afford to pay the exam fees. Her father passed away two years ago, leaving behind Dative and her three siblings. Dative now works as a maid, attends church, and lives with a friend while taking the program, but her employer does not support her in the class and threatens to fire her. She hopes to find a better job after graduation to support her siblings.

Grace Murekatete

Grace is 19 years old and is not married. Her parents passed away when she was too young to know them, and so she was raised by her grandmother. Her grandmother was able to put her through school until fourth grade, but after that she had to drop out because it was too expensive. Grace later moved to Kigali to look for a job, and now works as a housemaid. Her goal after this completing the sewing program is to work and start up her own sewing school benefiting other women.

Annet Mukandayisenga


Kezia Niyomukiza


Marie Claire Mukamfizi

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