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One Small Step

On July 20, 1969 Neil Armstrong took a small step that had exponential ramifications not only for himself - but for the entire world. The small steps that we take in our own lives set the trajectory for our future and can lead us to growth, hope and significant change. Join us on Sunday for a new series called One Small Step and discover the places that you can move forward in your faith. If you've been wanting to engage, but maybe just need a bit of direction - we're here to help you take your "one small step."


August 19, 2018

Speaker: Joel Dombrow

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In This Series:

  1. Baptism August 19, 2018 by Joel Dombrow
  2. Community August 26, 2018 by Joel Dombrow
  3. Mission September 2, 2018 by Grant Hickman
  4. Vision September 9, 2018 by Joel Dombrow