WCC Kids at Home: January 3

Online video and curriculum for you to do as a family at home!

Check here Thursdays to see the new curriculum and videos, discussion questions, and downloadable crafts for you to do at home!

1. Watch the Worship & Bible Story Video!


WHAT YOU DO: Print the tracing page and encourage your child to use a pencil or crayon to trace the lines and color the picture. As they do, ask them if they think the stars are amazing. Remind them that Jesus is out-of-this-world amazing, too!


WHAT YOU DO: Print out the attached 'growing up' cards. Have your children try to match baby, child, and adult cartoons. Give them hints if need be, such as finding matching shirt colors. Explain that we start as babies, grow into big kids, and then into adults. As we grow, Jesus wants us to know more about him!


Love God, Love Others. Copy these four words on to a separate paper. Decorate it to make it look more like you. Then cut it out and find a spot to put it where you will see it all the time: you could pin it to your backpack, put a tape roll on the back and make it like a sticker, or tape it to your bathroom mirror.

As you go throughout your days, whenever you’re not sure what the right or responsible thing to do is, look at the situation through these words. Use these words to guide your decisions and inspire your actions. What are things you’re expected to do? Love God. Love others.


When you think about it, loving God and loving others are like two sides of a coin. You can’t really say you love God and then turn around and be unkind to your brother or the kid at school. And you can’t really love your brother or the kid at school without loving God.

Why? Because God is love. The only reason you know how to love is because God loved you first. Grab a coin and cover it with masking tape. Write “God” on one side and “Others” on the other side. Carry that coin in your pocket this week to remind yourself of your most important responsibilities. Ask God to help you love Him and love others, even when it’s hard.