WCC Kids at Home: October 18

Online video and curriculum for you to do as a family at home!

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1. Watch the Worship & Bible Story Video!

2. Do the Activities as a Family!


WHAT YOU DO: Place a piece of sandpaper underneath a sheet of paper and encourage your child to use a crayon to draw different shapes on their paper, pressing down so that the sandpaper underneath makes an impression on the paper as they draw. Ask them what they think is underneath their paper. Remind them that in today's story, we heard about
Hagar, and how God provided water for her and her son in the sandy, hot desert. God heard her prayer, and He hears ours, too. God gives us what we need because He loves us.


WHAT YOU DO: Use the attached umbrella coloring page (or draw your own) to have your child add rain drops with finger paint or by coating a small piece of bubble wrap in blue paint and using it as a rain stamp! Just like Hagar and her son needed water, God takes care of us, too. He hears us and gives us what we need.

Hurt Heart

Grab some paper and scissors. Cut out the shape of a heart. Crumble the heart shape in your hands. Then, carefully smooth it out.

When we lie to others, we hurt their heart and they lose trust in us. It’s a lot like the heart you just made. It started off perfect and unhurt and then it got crumpled. Even if you are super careful undoing it, it will never go back to the way it was before.

Ask God to help you speak truth to your friends.


Read Colossians 3:9

Biting your nails. Brushing your teeth twice a day. Chewing with your mouth open. Cleaning up after you’re finished.

Habits. We all have them. Some are good and some are just plain bad! Did you know that you can actually change your habits? The best way to break an old habit is to replace it with a new one.

When you become a follower of Jesus, you are a new creation. The old way of doing things, the old way of living should be left behind. So instead of falling into old habits that are dishonest, we should follow Jesus’ example. With God’s help, we can replace our old habits and choose to be truthful so that others can trust us.

Think back to this past week. Did you fall into the old habit of lying about something to avoid getting in trouble?
Ask God to forgive you and to help you make a different choice next time. And if you’ve hurt someone with your life, make sure you ask them for forgiveness too.

Honesty Prayer

From reading the story of Naaman and Gehazi, it seems like Gehazi had an honesty problem, and that it probably had a lot to do with what he wanted. In other words, if he had his eye on something, he was going to do whatever it took to get it.

Maybe that’s not your particular honesty struggle. Maybe you have found yourself lying to keep from getting in trouble or you sometimes exaggerate stories to make people like you more, or to one-up your friends. The great thing is that it’s not too late to ask forgiveness and make a change! You can begin living a life of integrity today! You can use the prayer below to help you press re-start.

“Dear God, as You know, I struggle with being honest when it comes to _________. I think it’s hard for me because ___________. Please forgive me for not being honest, and help me to begin being honest in everything I say and do.
In Jesus’ Name, I pray, amen.”

For memory verses, discussion questions, and prayer, please download the PDFs below!