Student Scholarships

Willamette Christian Church supports its youth and its ministries. In K-12 this support is primarily demonstrated through the local youth programs and camp activities. When WCC students enroll in institutions of higher education, whether near or far, they remain part of the Willamette family and our love and support continues. We intend to support all students attending a college that meets the following criteria and that they as students, continue to be a light for Jesus by serving in some sort of ministry on campus or at a local church. This support is not dependent on career choice. Above all, they are part of the family and ministers for Christ!

Please note: Students will need to reapply for this scholarship each term they are enrolled.

1. Approved education institution
  • Any 2 or 4 year Community College, or University
  • Must be attending full time
2. Willamette membership
  • Attendance and participation in WCC programs 1 year prior to scholarship request.
3. Grade point requirement:
  • Be in good standing with the academic standards for their chosen institution
4. Bible related courses
  • Encouraged, but not required.
5. Ministry at school
  • Serve in any meaningful campus or church ministry. A contact name and phone/email for the chosen ministry will be forwarded to WCC. (This does not mean attending a Bible study… it means serving. If you lead a Bible study, that is serving others. Attending a Bible study is growing you spiritually)
6. Level of funding
  • Students need to submit a scholarship application requesting support each term for which they are enrolled
  • A monthly amount will be determined each year by the WCC mission committee, and is set at $50/month for the current school year.
  • Typically, scholarship checks will be payable to the student.
  • A $500 annual scholarship may also be available to students attending a school offering a church matching scholarship program (documentation required from school).
  • WCC reserves the right to pay the school directly in the student’s name
  • A lump sum can be made to the school if they offer a church-matching program.
7. Funding
  • The primary source is through the General Fund.
  • Special giving to the scholarship fund, not individuals, is allowed.
  • Special fundraising efforts to support the Scholarship Fund are allowed, pending prior approval by the Board of Elders.
8. Use of scholarship funds
  • Unrestricted use