Marriage Q&A Podcast

Listen in as Pastor Cliff Reynolds interviews Pastor Joel and Joy Dombrow with your questions on marriage.

Download the entire podcast here. (right click and “save link as”)

In this podcast episode Joel and Joy respond to seven main questions [see audio outline, starting times noted in brackets]:

  1. Do you have any good “rules” for communicating effectively when life gets busy and stressful? What about when one of you offends the other? [0:30]
  2. Is it true that men sometimes need space when they get home from a long day? Is this okay? What about if the wife works full time as well? [10:36]
  3. I have a husband who isn’t a strong leader or a spiritual leader. I am the stronger one but realize he needs to lead but won’t. How do I help him grow when he is content for me to lead in that way? [14:25]
  4. How do you relate to a wife who puts her father as the first man in her life? Her first love/respect relationship is with her father and she brings that into the marriage. Is this good or bad? (Pastor Cliff also offers his own insights as a father-in-law.) [22:36]
  5. What if you have been living like you are married with kids, but you’re not married. I am following Jesus, but he is not; I want to marry, but he does not, preferring to continue to live as we are. I struggle with this every day. Is it better to leave or stay? [31:54]
  6. I am married to a non-Christian alcoholic… I don’t know how to be a good wife to a bottle at night and a man in the morning. [39:01]
  7. How is trust renewed after unfaithfulness? [47:40]

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