Every Child Oregon:
Volunteer: Go to the “Every Child” ​connect form​ to inquire about serving Hours/Days of Operation: Self-determined

Volunteer Opportunities:
-Create Flash and Launch Boxes
-Write letters of encouragement to Department of Human Services Staff
-Provide treats for Department of Human Services Staff, Oregon City branch
-Capacity for volunteers to serve on a project: Self-determined
-Covid19 Protocol: Follow CDC recommendations

The Father's Heart:
Hours/Days of Operation: Tuesdays-Fridays 9:45am-2:15pm

Volunteer Opportunities:

-Provide sack lunches or hot to-go lunches o Tuesday-Friday 9:45am-2:15pm
-Serve meals and coffee
-Pass out hygiene kits at the door
-Sort and put away clothing from donations

Capacity for volunteers to serve on a project: A minimum of 6

COVID-19 Protocol:
Masks required
6 Foot Distancing
Washing hands often

Know Me Now:
-Hours/Days of Operation: Self-determined

Volunteer Opportunites:
-New Beginning Bags (for those transitioning back into community)

-Write encouraging notes/cards (to those working inside the prison system)

-Create connect Kits (to help children and their incarcerated parents connect during in-prison visits)

Capacity for volunteers to serve on a project: Unlimited
COVID-19 Protocol: Follow CDC recommendations

Portland Rescue Mission:
Volunteer Opportunities:
-Burnside Shelter Location

-Dinner service
-Old Town Resource Tour / Prayer-walk around the city
-Donation Drive for individual sized toiletries (can include facility tour)

-The Harbor, New Life Ministries (1 year+ Addiction Recovery)
-Buy, prepare, and serve dinner onsite for residents
-Spring cleanup yard work
-Buy and assemble Restart Kits for men entering the 1-year recovery program
-Donation drive for men's toiletries (can include facility tour)

-Shepherd’s Door, New Life Ministries (1 year+ Addiction Recovery)
-Host a craft or game night for the residents
-Buy, prepare and serve dinner onsite for the women & children
-Host an hour of VBS or (or other fun event) for the children (primarily toddler's & preschoolers
-Create craft of summer fun kits for the moms and/or kids
-Donation drive for women's toiletries (can include a facility tour)