Helping you parent beyond your capacity.

Our church values families and we want to see you thrive. Parent Labs were created to equip parents, and help them take their next step in parenting, all in a safe environment.

We are hard at work scheduling our next Parent Lab. In the meantime checkout our resources below!

Intentional Parenting
September 22, 2019

Parenting is hard and life is just busy. Hear practical ways you can teach your kids what it looks like to know, love, and follow Jesus in your everyday lives. 

Teaching Your Kids Healthy Sexuality
January 12, 2019

Dr. Jim Burns is a leading expert in the field of parenting, and literally wrote the book on teaching children about sex. We hope you gain biblical wisdom on when to talk and how to tackle the most difficult questions your kids and teens might ask about sexuality.

Part 1

Part 2

Joel & Joy Dombrow – April 22, 2018

Listen to Joel & Joy with their kids, Nathan and Elisabeth.

Ever wonder why everything we do is Orange?