High School

We are for every student.

At Wednesday Night, our deepest desire is that every student who walks in the door learns how to take the next step in their relationship with Jesus. 

Every person’s next step is different- some of us may be farther along in our faith journey than others, and everyone’s faith journey is different. 

Our desire is that each person simply take the next step in their specific and unique relationship with Jesus.


What to expect:

We gather at 7:00pm every Wednesday Night in the Aux for games, a time of worship, biblical teaching, and time of reflection in small groups.

Worship is fresh and engaging, teachings are biblically based and contextualized for high schoolers today, and small groups are led by leaders who are committed to helping students take the next step.

What is your next step? 

  • Simply showing up?
  • Believing that Jesus truly loves you?
  • Engaging in worship?
  • Opening up in small group?
  • Forgiving someone?
  • Stepping into a leadership role?
  • Discipling someone else?

Jesus is offering us the greatest love we can ever hope to receive, and we believe that Jesus’ love is calling us into a greater life.

Come join us as we all discover what our next step with Jesus may be. 

Summer Mission Trip:
San Diego 2020 – June 20-25

This year for our Summer Mission Trip we are going to San Diego to partner with Urban Missions.

We’ll be doing relational ministry with the homeless and children in the foster care system, and helping the church continue the amazing work they are already up to.

  • Cost is $600, which includes:
    • Airfare
    • Transportaion
    • Lodging for 5 nights
    • 3 meals per day
    • Supplies for the week
  • We will be staying at a church campus that is surrounded by a wall and gated, and guarded 24/7
  • WCC will bring 1 adult leader for every 6 students who attend

Registration is now full!

For any questions please email Hannah Scanlon at hannahs@willamette.cc


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