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Elephant in the Family Room


We’re Growing Apart

September 10, 2017

Speaker: Joel Dombrow

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In This Series:

  1. We’re Growing Apart September 10, 2017 by Joel Dombrow
  2. I Didn’t Mean That September 17, 2017 by Joel Dombrow
  3. You Let Me Down September 24, 2017 by Grant Hickman
  4. You Hurt Me October 1, 2017 by Joel Dombrow
  5. Why Won’t You Change October 8, 2017 by Jon Furman
Wednesday, February 21: Wednesday Night High School Group has been canceled.
Thursday, February 22: Men's Community (both AM & PM) and Middle School Girls' Bible Study have been canceled. Offices will open at 8:30am, weather permitting.