Summer 2017

At Willamette, we strive to provide young adults with the tools to equip them for future ministry. We understand that young adults need to interact with a healthy, creative, growing, Christ-centered church and staff. As we shepherd over 2,000 people each weekend and countless more throughout the week, we believe our church is the perfect environment for learning.

Willamette Interns have the opportunity to be mentored in the following ministries: Willamette Kids, Willamette Students, Music, Discipleship, Creative, and more. Whether you’re a local young adult considering full-time ministry or a student pursuing a higher-education ministry degree, this internship is for you!

Areas of Focus

The Willamette Internship seeks to take young followers of Christ through a guided experience focusing on four areas of growth: self-discovery, spiritual formation, mentorship in ministry, and community.

Spiritual Formation
Interns will grow in their identity in Christ, belong to intentional discipleship and experience life change as we pursue God together.

We understand the importance of how God made us—with both strengths and weaknesses—and we desire to learn how to best steward these gifts and grow in them.

Mentorship in Ministry
We won’t just talk about ministry, we’ll be one-on-one with leaders further along the journey than us, showing us what strong servant leadership looks like in a local church.

We are committed not only to working together, but growing together through the formation of a Christ-centered community.


9:00-10:30: Spiritual Formation
10:30-12:00: Ministry Focus
1:00-2:30: Ministry Focus
2:30-3:30: Mentorship/Ministry

9:00-10:30: Self-Discovery
10:30-12:00: Ministry Focus
1:00-2:30: Ministry Focus
2:30-3:30: Community

9:00-10:30: Interviews/Testimonies
10:30-12:00: Ministry Focus
1:00-2:30: Ministry Focus

Classroom: 6.5 hours
Ministry Focus: 9+ hours
Some Sundays: 5 hours
Total: 20+ hours per week


We’d be happy to help, but cannot promise our program will fulfill all of the requirements for every university in our area.

Not much, however, it depends on your ministry focus. Having a laptop is helpful, but not required. We will supply you with journals, pens, books, and other fun things.

Give us a call at the front office at 503-656-2328, or email Brandon Reynolds.